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Protecting Children & Vulnerable Adults in St. Columba's Parish

We, the people and clergy of St.Columba’s Parish, believe in the personal dignity and rights of children and vulnerable adults and take seriously our special responsibility to protect and promote their well-being.

We undertake to do all in our power to ensure that the Parish provides a safe and caring environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults and to prevent abuse of any kind.

We will liaise closely with statutory agencies to ensure that any allegations of abuse that may occur are promptly and properly dealt with, victims supported and perpetrators held to account.

All groups in the Parish are committed to establishing high standards or practice, in accordance with Parish and Diocesan guidelines.

If anyone has concerns about a child or vulnerable adult in the Parish or requires information on established procedures would they please contact any of the following:-

(The matter will be dealt with in the strictest confidence possible.)

GILL TOMEI – Parish Safeguarding Officer –   Email: selsdonsg1@safeguardrcaos.org.uk

RICHARD MILLS – Parish Safeguarding Representative –  Email: selsdonsg3@safeguardrcaos.org.uk

CLAIRE TUCKER – Parish Safeguarding Representative – Email: selsdonsg2@safeguardrcaos.org.uk

DEACON PHILIP POND – Parish Safeguarding Representative –   Email: philippond@rcaos.org.uk

FATHER ROY TABLIZO  –  Parish Priest – Tel: 0208 657 3747   Email: roytablizo@rcaos.co.uk

Mary-Jane Crowley – Head of Safeguarding at Southwark – Tel: 0207 261 1606

Email: safeguardingoffice@rcaos.org.uk